Most Common

Where are you located?

I am located in Minot, ND! I am lucky enough to have lived here my whole life and enjoy everything that it has to offer. I currently have a studio that is open by appt only at 2001 8th Ave SE #5 Minot, ND. Check out how to get there under the info tab (:

How would you describe your style?

YOUR-style Photography is what I call it. Photos are meant to express yourself and to capture a moment in the very time that you are in. Since we all can't be the same age forever and kids get older and become adults. I want to help capture it for you to be able to remember what these times looked like. Most of my photos are lightly posed, which means I'll help you get in to place and then I will help you interact with each other to get the real expressions you are looking for.

How long will it take to recieve our images?

90% of my galleries are ready 2 weeks after your session. Wedding galleries are ready within 14 days after the date of the wedding. Session such as holiday mini sessions and other specails will be recieved sooner.

Where does the sesssion take place? Do you have a studio?

All most all of my sessions take place outdoors, at my studio, or in my client's home. For outdoor sessions I provide the locations and will pick according to the kind of style session you are wanting to create. I do have an indoor studio that does accomidate smaller families, seniors, and more! For locations that are more than 60 miles from Minot will be billed $0.57 a mile there and back.

What should we wear?

I am working on a brochure for that, until then please check out a photographer that I greatly admire out of Boston, MA. She has some great tips HERE

What happens if it rains or storms?

I always have back up dates open each month in case of bad weather, and there is no fee to reschedule to a new date if it is storming or raining.

What if my children won't cooperate?

Getting to know children is always fun! I am always up for the challenge. Even the ones who are shy / stubborn/ you name it! I find that being easy-going and having fun translates to happy little ones! That being said, not every moment of the session is perfect, and that is OK! It is encouraged! I guarantee you will cherish images of your little one crying fake tears as the one we take of them a minute later happily running toward the camera! My goal is to capture their personalities just the way they are.

I really only want a couple images for social media / I don't want to buy images or wall art.

Being young, I love social media and taking pictures with my cell phone just as much as the next 25 year old girl. However isn’t it scary to think that years flew by faster than you thought, and before you know it all you have is some pictures you took with your cell phone. I want people to look at these images 20 years from now, and a genuine moment in their life that flew by in a blink of an eye. I am sorry to say that I am not the photographer for you. I know there are many photographers in our area that would love to help you out. I am not one of them. I provide images that people want to display for many generations to love.

Can I keep the images from my session private?

All clients sign a contract with a model release included. If you would prefer to keep your images private you can just let me know at the time of booking! I 100% respect your decision and will keep your images stored away.

Can we do a home session even if our house is tiny/dark/messy?

YES! There is always a beautiful little patch of light that is perfect! If it is home to your family that all that I need to work with! ps..... PLEASE don't worry about mess- it is OK to look like you live there! lol! I'll even help you move furniture/clutter around as we go!

Process of Sessions

Why should I meet with you after my session too?

People come to me for wall art and images to display. We can meet after your session so I can be your guide and hold your hand through the process of creating a beautiful display. This is one way that I better strive to serve my clients. I have done this with many of my clients and they all so far have loved this process much more than receiving them on a disk with a chance of them getting lost forever.

Why should I order prints & wall art from you? Why not Walmart / Shutterfly?

When you have an image printed and displayed in your home, and your Aunt Tammy comes over and asks you who took that image of you- and you answer "Lindsey Bini Photography did!" And your Aunt looks at it a little closer and makes a confused face that a photographer took that picture, Shes is making that face because she is wondering why you paid someone to take this horrible picture that looks like it was ran through the dishwasher before it was displayed. (I only know because this has happen, and I have one in my house right now...) I have worked very hard to find a great printing resource and spent a lot of money on color correcting software to be able to truly match the colors on the computer monitor to look exactly the way it will look on prints, canvases, albums, ect. I also correct the image color for what it is being printed on. Those are things that Walmart & Shutterfly don't provide.

Album & Digital Files

Do you include digital files?

Wedding Packages include a High Resolution Download & on a USB drive with Print Release. Portrait sessions: High Resolution/ Print release is currently avaliable with my photo session packages (Please contact me for price)

Are the files retouched?

Every proof in your gallery is color-corrected and edited 95% of the way. Any images that you order will be fully retouched at no additional charge. Common fixes included but are not limited to: flyaway hairs, skin smoothing and blemish removal, escaping bra straps, etc. There are few things that I’m NOT able to do in Photoshop. More extreme things such as removal of braces, or severe acne will be charged at $25 per image.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

I generally shoot a 5 times the amount of photos that you will see for your session in order to make sure that we end up with great photos! For your final gallery of 50 images, I’ll shoot *at least* 250 frames and then narrow them down later. This way, you can be sure you don’t end up with blurry shots, or photos in which everyone’s eyes are closed!

Do you offer photo cards for holiday/ senior / birth, ect.

I sure do! My printing company that I outsource too has never failed me yet! They provide me with mutiple size cards, foil & paper options as well as other amazing products. If you want to view my gallery of card layouts just ask for the password to the CARDS page!

How are your albums different than Shutterfly?

The albums that I offer are made entirely by hand, and they are pretty much the best thing ever! Most photo books are printed on magazine-type paper, but the press print books that I offer are printed on pages made of true photographic prints that are bound together by hand. I do all of the design work, so you don’t have to mess with software (although we can definitely incorporate your feedback!) My favorite part is that there’s no gap between the pages, so we can include beautiful full-spread images!